asielplaageditThe newspaper, infamous for its’ willing cooperation with the German occupier in the Netherlands during the Second World War, has decided to start the year with a series of headlines that would make the scum in charge of The Daily Mail salivate: in a striking parallel with their articles on Jews in the 1930s, De Telegraaf┬ámanaged to -within one week- refer to asylum seekers in the Netherlands as: “The asylumhopper-invasion,” Asylum scum,” and “Asylum plague.”

This has not been received lightly by those Dutch people who still believe humans should be treated like humans. A hashtag (#StopXenofoobTelegraaf) was started to try and do the same thing folks in the US are doing regarding Breitbart: get advertisers to pull out their ad-money from a publication that spreads hatred. There’s also a petition going on, aiming for the same thing.

This has proven to be even more necessary after the editorial board of The Telegraaf has commented on the matter and does not seem to feel any remorse, or even see what the problem is. When things like this happen, the only way to reach these people is to hit them where it hurts: in the wallet.