“Found seven sleepers in a parking garage. Woke them up. Then noticed the emblem… Confiscated the coat and returned it to security. ^BG”

Proudly mentioning your theft of homeless folks’ possessions. And then they wonder why people hate their guts.

This particular cop was involved in an earlier controversy regarding his dehumanizing treatment of homeless people in the city of Rotterdam two weeks ago, when he placed this tweet:


“Hobo with fieldbed and slippers. Parked his bike next to his bed. Sent him away to homeless shelter. ^BG”

And the Rotterdam police department has also been criticized for this tweet:


“Hobo’s cause a lot of problems in the city. This one was woken up by us and sent on his way. ^MS #Nuisance #homeless” ^MS = Marco Smit

None of the criticism sent their way by hundreds of concerned folks protesting the dehumanization and humiliation of the weakest members of Dutch society get any results or even serious reactions by the Rotterdam cops.

This makes their repeated whining for more respect from citizens hypocritical as hell, and makes me more and more convinced that, yes, All Cops Are Bastards.

Also: All Cops Should Stay The Fuck Off Social Media, as long as they have no idea what social actually means.