Prime minister Rutte believes the Dutch economy is going to grow in 2014. Rutte expects about a half percent of growth. Of course his government will continue to cut back on spending, and is planning to do so in 2014, by a whopping six billion Euros.

Part of this money will come from extra taxes on alcohol, water and also subsidizing of mortgages will be cut by a half percent.

Rutte also expects people will be able to spend more money in 2014.

Of course Rutte is not talking about people who cannot find a job, or people who depend on welfare, or the elderly, who depend on extra care.

Some examples:

  • In 2014 an unemployed person can be forced to dress properly and behave during a job interview, by punishment of 3 months paycut of their unemployment income.
  • In 2014 people on welfare can be forced to do “voluntarily” jobs, like serving coffee in old age homes and gardening.
  • In 2014 people who depend on welfare can expect an extra cutback simply because their household consists of more than one person.

The Dutch who are poor, need help, support and care are paying the biggest price of the Dutch crisis in 2014, just like they did in 2013, 2012…

Happy 2014 prime minister Rutte.