Too bad you can’t read Dutch, coz you’re completely missing out on the freakshow called Dutch media and Dutch politics.

Today every Dutch patriot was crying out loud because of the murder of a giraffe. Killed by the EU for not being entirely the correct race.

In this civilized country The Netherlands we kill half a billion animals each year. But when someone kills a giraffe it suddenly becomes brutal murder.

The giraffe wasn’t even killed in the Netherlands, no this crime against giraffety took place in Denmark.

All major redneck fascist media cried that it was because of the EU that poor little Marius was killed. And thus evidence of the national-socialist nature of the EU.

However, Marius was killed because he was going to endanger his species by inbreeding. A rule for this has been implemented by EAZA, the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria. An organisation that has nothing to do with the EU.

Good luck finding a newspaper or a politician in the Netherlands that is not blaming the EU for this brutal murder of 1 perfectly innocent creature called Marius, the giraffe.

While I wrote this here article, 10.000 animals were slaughtered in the Netherlands and nobody cared.