Our friends at Breakthrough are working harder than us to expose Dutch crapulism for the entire planet to see:

In the Netherlands the emotions have been stirred considerably. The public debate is not dominated by the budget cuts of several billions by Dutch government leaders Rutte and Samson, or by the fatal blow this will mean to social security, health care and education. A completely different theme has taken over the debate: what to do with Black Pete? Is now the time to give Sinterklaas a different helper? Or to reverse the roles?

Many Belgians have followed this heated debate with increasing astonishment. “The heated discussion is symptomatic and it points at hypersensitivity from both sides, and this is being directed at a children’s festivity as a convenient way to vent frustrations”, is Saskia De Coster’s conclusion in newspaper De Morgen. “Some oversexed individuals see every lamppost as a giant erection but is that the fault of the lamppost?”

Rik Torfs who is rector at the Catholic University of Louvain takes a more nuanced stand in newspaper De Standaard, but also concludes on a critical note towards the anti- Black Pete camp: “To not insult others is a sign of civilisation. The same goes for not feeling offended too easily.” (continue reading)