Our glorious Dutch army, very famous for all their accomplishments, has decided that they need a real spaceship to defend the Dutch interests in the stratosphere. This is very important. “Star Wars is no longer sciencefiction”, this is what we Dutch citizens are being told by our heroic soldiers. See this article (in Dutch). “I want to know what’s going on above us in the universe”, says the commander of this exciting project.

Of course this wonderful enterprise of exploring the universe by the Dutch Army is going to cost some money. But hey, it’s just been decided a couple of weeks ago that we are gonna spend 4.5 billion euros to buy us a couple of Joint Strike fighters. Of course nobody has ever wanted these, not even the Dutch parliament. And suddenly they were there! Like a fairy tale! Isn’t it wonderful?

That probably means that plenty more billions of euros can be squeezed out of the Dutch workers for a nice Dutch Battlestar Galactica. Don’t worry about me, Dutch gouvernment. I’ll be your slave for ever. Do I have a choice?