orbaneditAs per the Guardian: Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of the increasingly totalitarian nation of Hungary is very happy with the coming Trump presidency.

This is in large part because, like Orbán, Trump really hates Soros, billionaire philanthropist running Open Society Foundations . Like many right-wing extremists, Donald  and Viktor believe him to be a part of the greater Zionist Conspiracy (that -just for the record- does not exist) and think he wants to stop governments from doing whatever they feel like.  That this is reasonable and sane does not fit in the mind frames of people who are, in essence, fascists.

Now that the Orange Ape is going to be in the White House soon, Viktor thinks he can get away with openly attacking the around 60 NGOs in Hungary that receive funds from the Soros machine.

If the European Union keeps being the ineffective bunch they’ve been towards the descent of Poland into authoritarian territory, he may well be right.

The president of the Open Society Foundations, Chris Stone says the organization will continue to work in Hungary despite government opposition. Let’s hope at least the EU backs them in their fight against the little Putin of Hungary.