abujahjaheditFor pointing out that “An attack on occupation SOLDIERS in occupied territory is not terrorism! It is an act of Resistance.”

This of course referring to the truck attack in Jerusalem, where a Palestinian killed multiple Israeli soldiers by running into them in a truck.

While the choice of words Mr Abu Jahjah made is not very diplomatic to say the least, according to international law he’s absolutely right.

This was not too important for De Standaard, however, as the controversial columnist was soon to find out. In an editorial commentary Karel Verhoeven, editor in chief of the newspaper explains that: “With his legitimization of the attack in Jerusalem [Abu Jahjah]places himself outside of the borders of the public discourse De Standaard  wants to have on its’ own platforms. It doesn’t seem to matter that the sentiments that got Aby Jahjah canned were expressed on Facebook:

And twitter:


The columnist and activist has made it clear that this act of hypocrisy by De Standaard will not deter him from his convictions:



Meanwhile, Theo Francken, state secretary for Asylum and Migration -and also a member of nationalist party N-VA- meanwhile, was more than happy to slander Abu Jahjah in a series of tweets calling solidarity with the Palestinian struggle “glorifying ISIS terror,” probably under the assumption that any armed man of Arabic descent is a member of that particular organization.

This was quoted in the newspaper without comment.