img_20170105_195207_processedAs, according to the Ministry of Justice: “White Pride and Celtic Cross aren’t racist, they  just mark a “social movement against biological race mixing.”


The case under discussion was one where skinheads were invited to give a talk on sport and physical health in a preschool, after which they gave the children calendars with “White Pride” and Celtic Crosses printed on them. The justice department declined to charge anyone for this as: “they were promoting a healthy lifestyle.”

This is coming after a long hot week where Nationalist hooligans have attacked multiple foreigners and foreign owned shops and restaurants. These groups are mostly connected to the neonazi Obóz Narodowo-Radykalny (ONR,) a group that the current PiS government tacitly supports.

The Ministry explains that both the symbol and slogan, which are clearly associated with nationalist movements, will not be banned just because “some groups of people interpret it in a certain manner.”

Furthermore, the court has decided that an appeal is not allowed, and that this decision is final.

This is just the latest in a long line of incidents that show that PiS is aligned with these fascist and nationalist elements in Polish society.