img_20170105_190359_processedAfter the awful images came out of some horrible people torturing a kid on a livestream, the Chicago Police Department did their job, and found and arrested the perpetrators of the cowardly attack on a mentally challenged teen.

This has not stopped AltRight and White Supremacist conspiracy nuts from trying to blow this up into some kind of grand scheme where Black Lives Matter is responsible for this bullying between school acquaintances.

The most succesful hashtag, #BLMKidnapping seems to have originated with the always awful Paul Joseph Watson (AKA @PrisonPlanet).

This InfoWars employee, who thinks Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing were fake-flag operations is a well-known racist liar with delusional beliefs. His intentional smearing of the BLM-movement by blaming them for this heinous act (without any evidence, obviously) has lead to a huge swamp of deplorables, AltRighters and outright Nazis screaming their balls off all over twitter. It’s become so popular that it is even starting to sprout new conspiracies within the hashtag.)

This reaction shows how far these people are removed from reality, be it due to earnest beliefs or because they’re willfully blinded by hatred. It also makes clear once again that Watson, and his entire crew of tinfoil hat henchmen are willing and able to whip up hysteria in their followers based on nothing but wishful thinking and fairy dust.

Dangerous times. Dangerous people.