Seriously? You go through life looking like this and you still think you can shit on other people?

In this vile piece of work by vile piece of work Nicholas Pell, an Ireland-based American with an even worse sense of politics than of fashion (which is saying something indeed,) the newspaper gives him all the room he needs to be a piece of shit all over the pages of the august publication. In a mealy-mouthed editorial, clearly written after the social media shit hit the fan, the Times claims that “leaving [his hateful blather] in gave a deeper insight into the nature of the Alt-right movement.”

Well, here’s something that should give you some insight, John McManus, Opinion Editor of The Irish Times: you giving a person like this space in your newspaper is like giving Goebbels space in 1933. Not even joking. The only difference is that Goebbels wasn’t as dumb as this mangy fucker.

Where you state: “At a minimum it decodes a lot of the Alt-right movement’s language and at best it gives a clear indication of its thinking and ideology,” do you actually mean: “At a minimum we gave this skeevy dude a nice place where he could take a steaming dump of internet-Troll lingo?”

Giving this spawn of 4Chan and Trumpism room to spew his racist and misogynist bile is probably the worst thing I’ve seen published in this vein in a very long minute.  Why would you let someone who probably frequents Stormfront to write a hilarious [Ed: not fucking funny at all] glossary of hate speech without even for one second considering if mainstreaming this steaming pile of shit would be a good idea?

Why would you let somebody write this: “Dindu or Dindu Nuffin: A black man convicted of a crime, often one lionized by the press or portrayed as innocent. An attempt to approximate the African-American Vernacular English pronunciation of “didn’t do anything” (“dindu nuffin”)” in your newspaper?

Even with a disclaimer it would clearly be intensely awful, but like this, without even a word of caution? That leaves just one conclusion:  “This isn’t a slippery slope to normalization, this is just normalization. This is Hitler enjoying his country walk and petting his dogs.” (Hat-tip for that quote to Shocko, who pointed out this horrific editorial decision in the first place.)

To cap this off, Irish Times: that balance you were talking about better be coming, and it better be good, because what you just did is very hard to forgive.