img_20170105_093200_processedTo advertise a service that will allow him to profit over the corpses of refugees.

Thanks to this informative thread by the awesome Flavia Dzodan on twitter I was made aware of the existence of this advertorial by Erik “Blackwater” Prince: A public-private partnership will solve Europe’s migrant crisis. First off: no it won’t. Private-public partnerships in sensitive areas like refugee-management are always horrible disasters. Just look at the situation in Australia, where the outcomes of government policy are so dire that only die-hard xenophobe shits advocate for copying their methods.

More importantly though: why in Hell is a newspaper giving space to one of the worst human beings of the past century? Somebody boasting of “many years’ experience in military and civilian business” who has renamed his mercenary company because of the stigma attached to the original name after the Iraq debacle? The brother of school-killing Trump minister of Education Betsy DeVos? Someone recently Under Investigation for Money Laundering, Ties to Chinese Intel, and Brokering Mercenary Services?

Is it because the FT is a horrible neoliberal rag owned by people (the Japanese company Nikkei and the Agnelli family) for whom money is a lot more important than human rights?

Yes, of course it is.

It is also emblematic of the current normalization of the oligarchy taking over in all walks of life: while his sister will be gutting American schools come the 20th, Prince aims to be deregulating and privatizing military, immigration control and police functions. And the FT feels the way the wind blows.