Great idea of this Australian Liberty Alliance, initiated by the islamofobic critical Q-Society, to have Geert Wilders (PVV) involved in the launch of their party (video).

Apparently they have forgotten that the interview Geert Wilders had with an Australian standup-comedian a year ago was a complete flop. As was that visit generally, with only half-filled rooms and several officials not being very happy with him visiting there in the first place.

Also, it doesn’t seem to matter to this new party that Wilders, almost ten years after having started his party, still can’t come up with enough PVV-zombies to even fill more than only two out of 403 town councils in a tiny country like the Netherlands. Yeah, this seems the right kind of person to have helping you out with a new political party.

On the plus side, the Australian Liberty Alliance says it wants to support Australia’s own culture. Would justice finally be done to the Aboriginal people?