copcareditLouisiana “Blue Lives Matter” state law makes resisting arrest a possible felony. Because cops are now a protected class under the law.

St. Martinville Police Chief Calder Hebert claims people exist to help the police. And in his world that means we all have to do everything a pig says without questioning it, because: “We need the police and the public to work together. The policemen have a job. The public has the job of helping the police. And if someone happens to be involved in criminal activity. Let the courts handle it. Don’t resist physically.”

Yeah, because the US justice system isn’t a joke…

He hopes this insanity will become law nationally soon, and with the gang of fascists running the US at the moment, he might well get his wish fulfilled.

Total dystopian future shit. It is to be hoped rights organizations fight this development tooth and nail, because it’s not like the police in America are an endangered species.