The topic of climate change was again worth a new publication. It’s written in Swedish by Gösta Pettersson. You may read it here. Judging by reviews the book has a climate sceptical intention. Very well, so many men, so many minds. Over a thousand books were published on the subject. More climate scepticism will have a minimal effect in the ongoing debate. But this Swede makes a notice which holds water.

Pettersson remarks an optimal CO2 level for plant and animal life would be three times higher than the present one.

Till now the discussion focuses mainly on effects like melting arctic ice, disappearing polar bears and flooding of low lying areas. These changes are nasty. But in every disadvantage there is advantage, to paraphrase the words of Johan Cruyff. Pettersson puts the change in a clear framework: what’s the optimal climate for plant and animal life? May a climate do in which giant dinosaurs developed?