udoeditUdo Ulfkotte

20 January 1960 – 13 January 2017

Right-wing conspiracy theorist, PEGIDA- and AfD-sympathiser and Putin-lover Ulfkotte died of a heart-attack at age 56.

The German journalist, who wrote a book alleging a CIA stranglehold on the German media, was widely celebrated by certain elements within the populist movements in Europe. He was a media-strategist for German extremist political movements, and often cited as an ‘expert’ on Russia Today. His twitter-account was a source of many hoaxes, eagerly shared by Islamophobic and xenophobic Germans and other European hatemongers.

Ulfkotte was a racist, a fascist and a liar.

His death makes the world a slightly better place.

To celebrate his passing, we suggest a donation could be made to your local antifascist organization, or to a group promoting truth in media.