The chief strategist of Donald Trump’s incoming presidential administration is former Breitbart “News” CEO Stephen Bannon, and in a recent interview he made a very revealing statement. Bannon praised the comments section at Breitbart.

Yes, he praised one of the worst sewers of racism and hate speech on the web.

In his interview Friday, Bannon repeatedly praised Breitbart, crediting its website and radio shows for “following this [movement] and reporting on it for years.”
“We’ve lived through an historic time,” he said. “I think they’ll talk about what happened in this year politically for many, many decades to come.”
He told Breitbart’s audience that he “really” misses them and looks forward to chatting with Breitbart again “early in 2017.”

Bannon said the best things about Breitbart are the comments section and the callers.

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