At the moment this site is a bit silent but that is about to change very soon. But behind the scenes there is stuff going on that I would like share.

Most important thing, people:

  • All editors from the dutch site, the top 6 people in this list, have volunteered to contribute to this international site on a regular basis.
  • Also other authors (at least 6 as far as we know now) from the dutch site have announced that they are going to contribute, and some already have.
  • We have found a native English speaker, actually an English teacher, who has become editor on this site, and will correct stupid Dutch English when she sees it.
  • We have also a volunteer for translating stuff for the international
  • So already has a staff of 14 people. It’s not the we are some hopeless initiative of 1 person or something. And we know the drill. We know how to write 17500 articles in Dutch. Most of us also know what it’s like to write very informative articles for blogs with very little readers. Like is today. We have the perseverance to make a succesfull site with many readers.

    Next important thing, site design:
    As soon as we have enough articles on to fill a nice magazine style frontpage we will change the design. The design will be the same as has. With that design also comes other functionality such as an easy way for our readers to submit content.

    Last important thing, stupid christmas:
    As soon as the stupid christmas, and also new year, are over, people will start living again. And things will start happening again. So we will have stuff to write about again.

    So stay tuned for more.

    If you would like to help, or have already content for, please contact us via We are especially looking for native English speakers. Make sure you read this and, more importantly, this first.