is a project that is implemented by the authors of, a rather popular site based in the Netherlands. In fact, we are so popular that our Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Lodewijk Asscher, has publicly given notice of his disgust for our site. A few months later one of the most expensive weblogs in the Netherlands rallied to get us off the internet or at least in court. A while later fascists started to DDOS the hell out of us for weeks.

Why? Because they hate freedom of speech of course.

Dutch people in their natural habitat

Dutch people in their natural habitat

And there we have an issue: we love freedom of speech. We love it so much that we want to use our freedom as long as we possibly can. On Krapuul we have already posted over 17.000 articles.

However, the Dutch are mostly full of shit, and they may think that their verbosity is relevant, but nobody understands them. Because they are Dutch. There are however BILLIONS of people who understand English perfectly. So in stead of waiting in the Netherlands for the fascists to shut us down we are now introducing ourselves to a new, global audience.

So what is krapuul? Krapuul is Dutch for ”scum”. That’s right, we write about scum. We write about corrupt politicans, crazy politics, stupid policemen, nasty “journalists”, companies that kill people for profit, hate, racism, fascism and nazism. We write about hypocrisy. We never lie. So you can imagine that the subjects of our articles are usually rather unhappy. Most of the times that gives us a good laugh but sometimes it can become rather nasty.

Anyway it’s for a good cause! Justice and freedom for all. We are all about freedom and justice for everybody. For real, not like those political parties in the Netherlands that use the word Freedom in their name.

So is this site totally going to be about the Netherlands? Hopefully not!

We’d love to hear from you. Do you live in a nutsyland too? Like us? Let us know! How do you cope? How dumb are your “journalists”? What do you need to do to survive? How “tolerant” is your society? How “free”? How brutal are the police over there? We want to know.

In the very near future (probably next week) visitors will be able to submit posts, just like you can at

For the time being you can submit posts to Make sure however that your post is unique for us. We need to be the first time poster of your piece. is unique and is going to be unique as well. We don’t want to be considered “scrapers” by google.

Also, if you are interested in helping us out with providing content on a more regular basis or perform editorial tasks, please use that email address.

If you need more information: read this.

Thanks and stay tuned for more.