kimmeltrumpeditThis is the gist of this important piece by Yasser Louati.

He warns that the current climate in Liberal America, where making fun of the incoming POTUS is seen as some kind of protest in and of itself is directly aiding the Hyperconservative Right in the US and Europe, who are organizing themselves into an alliance of kooks, Nazis and Nazi-kooks.

Because, as Yasser points out: just because these people seem “out there” by any reasonable standard, that does not mean they are brainless tools, unable to see (and grab) an opportunity when there is one.

“The “American left” looks like a bunch of puppies hugging and whining while vultures are gathering around them. Beyond the already threatening cabinet, the far right nebula is growing.”

Where the far left in Europe and the US is aware of this, it looks like a large part of the center-left is caught by surprise: the fact that there is an intercontinental Bruderschaft being created by people as varied as Michael T Flynn and Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, Michael Catanzaro and the scum running Breitbart is not something they were expecting.

That Trump is able to build on the foundations of a deeply flawed American state structure -giving enormous power to, what is in essence, a strongman President- is something we should deal with. And that’s not going to be possible if the Liberal left keeps thinking this thing will be just business as usual. “Same shit, different asshole” does not work with Trump and his radical allies. This is an entirely new magnitude of shit coming out of the sewers of American and European politics under incredibly high pressure.