San EscobarDateline San Escobar – The República Popular Democrática de San Escobar is happy to announce that Foreign Affairs minister Witold Waszczykowski of Poland has been in diplomatic contact with the previously completely unknown nation.

During an interview in New York, the gaffe-prone emissary of the Polish people claimed to have made major strides in strengthening Polish diplomacy in the Carribean: “We have the opportunity to realize nearly 20 meetings with different ministers. With some countries in the Caribbean perhaps for the first time in the history of our diplomacy. For example, countries such as Belize or San Escobar.”

The people of San Escobar were very surprised to not only suddenly exist, but to also be an immediately popular hashtag in far away Poland.

Subsequent claims the Polish minister was referring to St. Kitts and Nevis are strongly repudiated by the Escobarista authorities:

This would not be the first time this Polish MFA exacerbated tensions between nations by misspeaking: this is the man who claimed vegetarianism and bicycling were leftist plots introduced into Poland by decadent Westerners…