After the article Wierd Duk wrote, that we mentioned earlier today, national shame Geert W. decided it was a great time to say something terrifying on Twitter.

As it is a day that ends in a Y, Mr Wilders just had to go and show that shitty hair is not the only thing he has in common with PEOTUS Twinkie-face: an amazing talent to say horrible shit is another thing the two share.

deislamizeThis time, inspired by the claim by Ruud Koopmans about 10-20% of all Muslims being willing to use violence in defense of their faith, he decided calling for genocide seemed like the way to go. (Note that mister Koopmans seems to think that there are only 500 million Muslims on the planet.)(Also note that the willingness to use violence among Geerts’ own supporters is over 40%!)

Nationalist politician as he is, leave it to Geert to tweet out his awful call for religious cleansing in English as well. (Geert has to do this because he’s being financed by Americans, specifically Breitbart-collaborator and founder of the Islam-hating David Horowitz Freedom Center David Horowitz.)

Wierd Duk, meanwhile is spending all day on twitter trying to defame the people calling him out on his propagandizing by calling them naive.

Here’s some news for him: people calling out the fact that your islamophobic propaganda is directly responsible for a populist extremist calling for “getting rid of Islam” are not naive. They are trying to make you see that the role you’re carving out for yourself in the history books will be “the guy who lit the first match under Dutch civilization.”

Geert Wilders would be dangerous enough on his own, but he’s not very bright. It’s the legions of opinion leaders on the Dutch extreme right who keep regurgitating his hateful bile for easy consumption by the concerned citizens of our nation who give his hate the chance to spread to the furthest corners of the country.

People who write for online publications I will not name here, partly because I don’t like to give them traffic, partly because I’m not looking forward to their unbalanced fans hounding me for days, have been doing the same thing Wierd Duk is doing for years. The main difference is the scale of their audience. Duk gets read by hundreds of thousands.

Geert Wilders is a very, very dangerous man. His ideas are pure evil in a way seldom seen in Dutch politics. His complete lack of anything even remotely resembling a moral or ethical responsibility is staggering to behold.

He would be nowhere, however without the Quislings of the Dutch right-wing (and increasingly mainstream) media.

We plan on calling out the excesses of hatred coming from them, and from Geert directly whenever we can: not just to try and keep The Netherlands from devolving into hateful fascist barbarism, but also because we’d otherwise be unable to look into a mirror. In a situation where politicians are actively destroying those things that make a country livable, it is everyone’s duty to resist. Be it Trump in the US, the Tories in the UK, or PVV-criminals in The Netherlands: if we let them destroy society we are to blame as well.