img_20170104_183744_processedHis name is Wierd Duk, and his strategy is to seem erudite and likable, while spouting xenophobic babble, and exclusively interviewing people who agree with his agenda.

Today for example. His interviewee was Ruud Koopmans, a well-known Berlin based sociologist, and noted islamophobe. Mister Koopmans, who doesn’t seem to know even basic things -like the amount of people subscribing to Islam- has made some waves with his widely debunked “research” “proving” that European Muslims are highly radicalized and prone to violence.

Wierd Duk has no qualms letting the professor act like the only people who have problems with him are deluded leftists, when his methods and conclusions are highly controversial among his colleagues too. That’s because to Wierd the only reason to talk to scientists is to give his own fucked up racism some elitist backing. He’s not interested at all in the facts, he just wants people to join him in his hatred for immigrants.

The fact that a well-read daily newspaper employs such a scumbag, who writes fact-free articles driving his fans into a frenzy of hatred is a sad sign of the times: many coutries see the mainstream media normalizing those responsible for the new wave of fascism and racial hatred spreading over the planet. That the AD doesn’t even require Duk to stick to the truth is just another nail in the coffin of democracy.

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