Minister of Crap Ronald Plasterk (labour)

Minister of Crap Ronald Plasterk (Labour)

In the Netherlands we have a guy, Ronald Plasterk, who is so full of it that it makes you wanna puke. There was this revelation by Snowden about 1.8 milion telephone taps and Plasterk immediately had to vent out his immediate hard-on on state television.

There he was, telling tales. He created a story about how the NSA performed these taps and about how Dutch intelligence (partly under his “command”, the other half falls under the responsibility of “Defense” minister Hennis) had absolutely and totally nothing to do with this.

That was in October.

Last week he and Hennis sent a letter to Dutch parliament in which was explained that it wasn’t at all the NSA, but Dutch intelligence having done this heroic job of tapping 1.8 million phone conversations and having voluntarily handed over all this intel to the USA. And that they weren’t Dutch conversations but conversations in countries like Afghanistan, by terrorists.

Sure. We know terrorists like to make phonecalls a lot, but 1.8 million?

Today he wrote a letter to the parliament explaining how stupid he had been making up fairy tales at Dutch state TV. And that he really already knewon November 22nd that it was all crap. But that for reasons of state security he could not inform the Dutch people (and parliament) that he had been wrong, and what the real facts were.

And that now, in February those state security reasons for not explaining this, apparently suddenly don’t count anymore. Since he is explaining this.


Hennis, minister of “Defense” is working for Plasterk’s “coalition partner”, the VVD. This party is called “the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy”. That sounds like North Korea doesn’t it? Not a far-fetched conclusion: they have about the same affinity with democracy and freedom as Kim Jong-Un.

Anyway, Hennis has already “leaked” messages about how she knew everything from the start, and how she warned that piece of crap Plasterk multiple times not to be so eager to tell fairy tales on state TV. Her entire ass is now completely covered.

Tomorrow, at 5:00 PM Amsterdam time, there will be this “debate” about this whole thing. In a civilized country such an asshole like Plasterk would be put in jail for this. Over here he will have “a hard time” in this “debate” and stay where he is. In a real country Hennis would never have a career again. Over here everything is totally fine.

In this Dutch version of Disneyworld called “the government”.