One of the things that the PVV, Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party, always has been big on was the protection of homosexuals against homophobia. So today they had a great opportunity to put their noble ideas about this topic into practice, when a resolution for a European Union Roadmap to protect the rights of LGBT people was proposed in the European Parliament.

This resolution was fortunately passed by 394 votes to 176, with 72 abstentions. Remarkably enough though, among those abstentions were all the votes of the European PVV MPs. According to the PVV itself this had to do with the fact that they actually don’t want the EU to interfere with anything – they are clamouring all the time about the Netherlands having to leave the EU so we could regain our sovereignty (yeah right; our economic policies for one have been dictated by the German economy for many decades) – but one wonders what they are doing there in the first place then. Anyway, normal people would recognize this kind of ‘no’ phase behaviour mostly from two-year-olds, but PVV voters prefer to have these kind of people being paid many thousands of euros a month in parliament.

It’s of course much more likely that the voting behaviour of these PVV members in this specific case has been strongly influenced by their recent Anschlusswith the French Front Nationaland the Flemish Vlaams Belang(this is a Flemish nationalist party advocating the (virtual) independence of Flanders from Belgium). These are parties of which respectively Jean-Marie ‘The Holocaust was only a detail in History’ le Pen and SS-cemetery worshipper Filip Dewinter are still prominent members. And these extremist right wing parties are definitely not in favour of same-sex marriages. So just because their tiny right-wing bigot brains can’t comprehend the concept of same-sex marriage these kinds of unnatural things should be/remain prohibited for all people who don’t seem to be suffering from failed lobotomies as well, right? Anyway, the  PVV never was interested in fighting homophobia as such, they only needed it for bashing Muslims, because according to them that’s where homophobia mostly comes from.

Please do realize, when you’re walking down the street here in the Netherlands, that one in five people consider voting for these sociopathic crybabies of the PVV. So it’s normal person, normal person, normal person, normal person and then AAARGH there is one again! That person REALLY REALLY REALLY will vote for the PVV! These people EXIST!! And I’m not even talking about those in-the-closet PVV supporters of the VVD (our conservative party), who find themselves a bit too classy to be seen supporting the PVV and who wear marginally less ugly ties, but actually share many ideas with the PVV.

There’s nothing we can do against the existence of these kinds of mutants – they’ve always been around and always will be. A party like the PVV only brings them to the surface (again) . Where there could and should be something done, however, is with the chicken-like behaviour of virtually all other parties who don’t dare to go against the PVV too loudly out of fear of losing votes to them.

However, the one party that will kick the PVV in the nuts mercilessly will get my vote, and I gather many more than just mine.