davidirvingedBecause of the success of Trump, racist scum is crawling out from under their rocks in various places: one of the more surprising faces to appear in the media again is that of noted anti-Semite and liar David Irving.

Famous for calling the systematic murder of 6 million Jews by Nazis during the second world war a “hoax,” and being an inspiration to countless  skinhead assholes, Irving is subject of an article in The Independent in which he gets to claim that he’s found a new audience in the Trumpet-legions: teenage groupies of the incoming US-president, who share his hateful and idiotic views.

He claims to be contacted by hundreds of these mostly young Americans a day. Because of the post-fact nature of modern politics, and the hate being  spread by populist politicians on both sides of the Atlantic, we’re looking at a full-scale resurgence of the school of thought this monstrous parody of a historian represents.

“It used to be small amounts, and they still come in, but people are now giving me very large sums indeed – five-figure sums. I now drive a Rolls-Royce. A beautiful car. Though money is completely unimportant to me.”

A man who has called Auschwitz a Disneyland, driving a Rolls Royce.