In the Guardian we saw this article about Britons who hate their MPs for several, not so surprising, reasons. Politicians don’t keep promises. MPs just on the take. Politicians don’t say what they believe. Parties so similar it makes no difference. Etc. (guardian).

I don’t have the numbers available but I am pretty sure that in the Netherlands this is exactly the same. Even while we have a more “fair” voting system, not a constituency voting system like in the UK. In the Netherlands all votes count. Which means that we even have a “party for the animals” in our parliament and many more small parties.

So one would expect the Dutch voters to be a lot more happy than the Britons. Nice idea, but no. In the Netherlands we have no idea what our party is gonna do with our vote. We have people wo thought they voted pacifist while their party agreed with going to war in Afghanistan.

We have people who voted the Social Democratic Party (PvdA) in stead of the more leftwing Socialist Party (SP), the only reason being that they wanted the redneck pyschopaths of the “Party for Freedom And Democracy” (VVD) out. The so called “strategic vote”.

The result was a coalition of the PvdA and the VVD, where the so called “social democrats” of the PvdA are now willingly destroying everything they supposedly stand for. So their voters get the exact opposite of what they voted for.

But it get’s worse: We even have a party, the “Party for Freedom” (the Geert Wilders party) that hasn’t achieved anything, ever. They vote in parliament totally different from what they promise their voters. And their voters are totally happy with that.

Also notice that the last two parties have the word “freedom” in their names. This is total crap. Both parties mean everything BUT freedom.

George Orwell would be proud of the Dutch politics.